There is a reason that the practice of yoga has spread like wildfire around the globe in recent decades. It’s because it works. Yoga nurtures healing for mind, body and soul. It grounds you. Opens you up. Brings you into presence and helps you meet yourself there. That is why we love yoga. From our very first class we were hooked. The results are immediate and the glow is real. That’s why after 22 years of cumulative practice between us, we decided to become teachers.


We love yoga because it can be done anywhere. In your home, at the office, in a park, at the airport. It is available to all ages, from your younger brother to your granny, and to all kinds of personalities, from your officemate Dan, to the bro Bradley from the gym, to your friend Sheila who is 100% hippie at heart.


Yoga is great for your own personal development, but it’s also great for helping teams get into the flow. That’s why we offer a range of yoga experiences for people to choose from.

Yoga classes and in office sessions

We lead a vinyasa style yoga practice for a range of levels. Offer your staff a chance to nurture their body, mind, and soul through yoga, and then return to work recharged and ready to kick ass.


Partner and Acroyoga exploration

Yoga for two! Build trust, intimacy, and play into your relationship and yoga practice with partner and acroyoga. Bring healing and alignment to your bodies together and have fun in the process.



Pranassage is a synthesis of yoga and bodywork, an experience that incorporates assisted stretches and body postures. These one-to-one sessions open the body, and bring you into deeper connection and awareness of your whole self.


Private coaching sessions

Deepen your practice with some personal attention and instruction. From beginners to advanced yogi's, we'll sit down and identify what it is that you want to work on and create a path to deepen your practice.


Retreats and Workshops

We are happy to lead yoga classes that fit with your events. We can work together to find the best fit for your needs.

Contact us to discuss what experiences might be best for you and for detailed pricing.

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