The way it all started was with Northern Flicker and helping change-makers tell their stories through film. Now we want to help YOU tell yours. Everyone has a powerful story to tell, and the arch of our lives are filled with trials and triumphs. Making sense of it all through the use of reflection and narrative are helpful tools to integrate and make sense of our lives. The Hero and Heroine’s journey are universal, and that’s good to remember when you feel lost at sea or trapped deep down in the dungeon of your mind. We offer processes to help you clarify and tell your story through writing, film, and photography. It is a powerful experience to speak on film. And it takes courage to share our stories. But in doing so we face out truth and help others know they are not alone.



Storytelling to Empower

Sharing information through language is one of the key defining factors of what it means to be human.  Language itself is a complex translation of our physical experiences in life into symbols. This process of translating and sharing our experiences is called storytelling. We do it in many forms all day long and all of them are deeply and beautifully symbolic. We want to bring more awareness of the power of stories in our daily lives both personally and professionally. Stories can be empowering and they can be limiting. In our workshop, we will take participants through some experiences to dive into deeper awareness of the stories they are telling themselves from moment to moment, day to day, and year to year, and recognize if they are empowering or limiting and take steps to encourage and foster the stories of empowerment and let go of those that limit us.


Meaning Making through the Power of Memoir

Capture parts of your life story to share with the wider world. Leave a legacy for your loved ones or inspire a stranger.

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