Life is relationships. We have a relationship with ourselves, with our family, with our lover, with our environment, with EVERYTHING, and it all impacts and shapes who we are and how we show up in the world. Ada and Nathan are passionate about relating. It is our number #1 priority. We are the ones that stay up talking into the wee hours with our friends, and spend copious amounts of time reflecting on our relationship dynamics. We write songs about our communication hangups, and our best friends joke that we have a “PhD in communication”.  We’ve studied conflict mediation, worked in peace centers, and facilitated many groups. So much strife can come from not relating well to one another, which is why we offer our time and knowledge to help other people improve this vital part of their lives.

Sound Board Sessions

You talk, we listen. And ask questions. And offer advice when helpful. In person or via Skype. Get the space you need to process in a supportive and loving environment.

(First session is free!)


Mini Retreats for Couples

Couples helping couples. Getaway to focus on your relationship in a small group environment. Relax, learn, relate.


Relating Retreats for Teams and Board-members

Build relationships that make for better work. There is a time and place for strategy and shop talk, but this retreat isn’t it. Our relating retreats are designed to deepen your personal relationship with your co-workers and board members. Openness and vulnerability creates higher levels of trust, higher levels of trust creates higher performing teams. Don’t worry, you can talk strategy too, you’ll just be having so much fun you’ll hardly notice!


Hearth Healing Mini-retreats

Are you nearing burn-out and want to avoid total meltdown? Do you need just a breath away from the demands and obligations of daily life? We welcome people into our home for 1-2 nights mini-retreats to experience a restorative space away in the lovingly held space of our hearth. We create and tailor the conditions for what you need. Sometimes all that requires is a comfy bed, beautiful view and warm cup of tea by the fire. Other times people choose to make their own retreat by requesting from our various offerings. From using the spa, to private sound healing and yoga sessions, the permutations are many to make it the experience that you need to find the healing space you crave.

Contact us to discuss what experiences might be best for you and for detailed pricing.

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