Music has long been one of our biggest healers. It led us to sing as we were growing up, in choir and in church, and eventually to write and perform our own songs. In fact our first date (by Nathan’s account) had us exchanging songs we had written for one another. Ever since we have been singing and sharing our musical musings with other people and the response has been amazing. People have cried, people have thanked us for reminding them of what’s possible, people have laughed, and people have joined in. It’s a collective experience that creates a field of healing. That is why we are determined to share more of it. And to help people tap into that expressive aspect of themselves too.

Intimate Living Room Concerts

Just what you think it is. Pour a glass of wine with friends new and old and enjoy a live acoustic session of original songs and the stories behind them. We take the group to next level cozy where we can feel all the feels together.


Unique Musical Experiences for Events, Workshops, and Retreats

Live performances, sound exploration, sound baths and meditation, “Find your Voice” sessions. We create immersive and interactive musical experiences to bring more expression, vulnerability, and joy to your event.


"Find your Voice" Guided Sessions

What do you want to say and how do you want to say it? The power of the voice is undeniable and can be one of our greatest assets to being effective in our work and lives. But many of us have blocks with our voice. In our Find your Voice sessions we help you open up your relationship to your voice so that you can gain comfort, clarity, and confidence. Using vocal exploration, exercises and songwriting we will help you express yourself in all your fullness and freedom. Hold back no longer.


Sound Baths and Vibrational Healing

A very peaceful and rejuvenating experience, guests are welcome to recline and relax as they let a soundscape of live vocals and acoustic instruments wash over them. Steel drum, harmonium, guitar, bamboo flute, and crystal and bronze singing bowls are some of the dazzling instruments you can expect to hear.



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