How can we heal ourselves if we aren’t aware of what is going on? Using mindfulness practices becomes a powerful tool to tap into your own inner awareness, from the shadowy corners, hooks and loops, to the bright light of your own wisdom. Bringing our attention into the present helps us to suspend our stories and make decisions from the here and now. Because the mind is a wily creature, it takes practice to cultivate mindfulness. We offer different entry points into developing mindfulness into your every day life, so that healing can arise from the only place it ever can - within.

Mindfulness Classes

Personal or for teams. We’ll teach the basics and get some practices put in place.


Guided Meditations

We lead guided meditations in a live setting,

or you can take us home with our pre-recorded sessions. (COMING SOON!)

Contact us to discuss what experiences might be best for you and for detailed pricing.

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